Littered with Books

Source: Jack Is Not Dull

Has anyone heard of this bookstore Littered With Books? I fell in love instantly with that cozy little place the moment I stepped in. This bookstore is literally littered with books everywhere! It carries a range of carefully selected fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, classics, lifestyle and children books. Even though I am not an avid reader, I had a joyful experience in this little heaven. I can only imagine how much effort was being put into its details such as the arrangement of books, decor and lighting. I  also loved how piles and clusters of books were tastefully displayed. Even if you're like me who can hardly name 5 bestselling titles, fret not! There are many handwritten notes stuck on the bookshelves to help customers pick out what they like. Definitely go check this place out if you can!

Littered With Books is Located at 20 Duxton Road, Singapore 089486


Outfit of the day:

Tank, clutch, scarf and shorts from Bangkok | Sneakers - Converse 

Le boyfriend makes his special appearance in his outfit of the day.

Velvet dress - Topshop | Mary Janes - Dr. Martens | Lolita socks - Hong Kong | Bag - Perllini

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sheer Fantasy

Remember the fashion show where models sat on carousel horses, dressed in fairy-like prettiness in a sea of oversized translucent collars, pastels and full skirts? That's Louis Vuitton for their Spring/Summer collection 2012. The fashion show was so magical to watch that it gave me goosebumps. 

Blouse - Dressabelle, pencil skirt - ASOS, heels - ZARA, belt - Hong Kong

The show - 48 carousel horses each carrying a model (Source)

The blouse I'm wearing was inspired by Louis Vuitton. (Source)

Although all-out-girly is not exactly my style, I have to admit that I'm influenced to love romantic pieces. Feminine pieces somehow just feels good and look right. This blouse is light weight, sheer yet structured. So beautiful on its own.

Earrings - H&M, oyster shell ring - Beadstreet

What better way is there to pair a collar blouse than full skirts? My first instinct was to wear the blouse with a leather skirt. I really think collars and flares were made for each other, but on second thought I decided to go with a skinny pencil skirt to match my earrings. (Yep, totally creative.)

Wearing my favourite heels at the moment. Thankfully it's not as uncomfortable as it looks, except that it's slightly wobbly. I love how it makes me look like I'm tip-toeing from afar!

Dress - H&M, combat boots - Skechers

Special thanks to my photographer Mandy.


Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2012

Marilyn Manson at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2012 with Johnny Depp and Taylor Momsen.

The fact that Taylor is only 19 this years scares me to death. But I can't deny that she is really good at what she do! She's got so much potential and I have fallen in love with The Pretty Reckless ever since I heard them. She must be awesome to even sing on the same stage with Marilyn Manson. The two of them brings me chills. Visual feast!!


I'd sail before a thousand moons, never finding where to go

Nightwish band shirt (old), leather panel skirt - Zara, plaid shirt - Bugis Street

Round shades - Far East Plaza

Underground inspired creepers - Taobao.com, bag - Shanghai

Nightwish is one of my favourite bands ever. When I was in my early teens, I was really into bands, heavy metal..all that stuff. During that period of time, all I wore was a band shirt, skinny jeans (those cheap ones from Penisula) and converse sneakers. My 'uniform' wouldn't be complete without badly applied eyeliner and fringe swept across half my face. So embarrassing just to even think about it.

I'm still loving my band tees, just wearing it differently. I still listen to my favourite bands. My love for Nightwish will never change~


One of their 'show rooms'. You can buy almost everything you see in the store.

I will not mind tailoring one of these to wear for my own wedding. The gowns were really gorgeous, mostly with no defects.

Lounging on beautifully aged arm chair that costs $280. 

Remembering my primary school days; when people queued for hours outside MacDonalds just to get these.

Velvet wedges for sale

Creepy looking dolls that I wanted to own when I was a kid.

The staff creatively showcased modified chairs that are now used to hold plants.

So last week I went on a thrifting hunt(again) at the Praiseheaven Family store by the Salvation Army. Man, the store went through a major revamp! Old but new - the best way to describe that place. Not only you'll see newly set up 'show rooms' (think: IKEA), the goods were reorganized too. I feel so happy every time I'm there. You'll never know what you will find there, really. There were brand new dining tables at only $280 - I promise you they're much sturdier than IKEA ones.

Read my past experiences at the store:

Special thanks to my friend and photographer for that day, Joanne. :)


Tale of the Sea Maid

The mermaid arm party (Clam ring - Beadstreet, silver belt - Hong Kong)

"Fantasies in my head, I drift away to all seas.
Deep underneath the ocean, I heard the tale of the sea maid."

Dress - Lipsyditsy, knit vest - Hong Kong, boots - Dr Martens, bag - Shanghai

My photographer for the day <3

The highlight of my weekend was a visit to the Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal exhibition at the Art Science Museum (info here). Known for his celebrity pop art and Campbell Soup logos, Warhol's story was well told through the galleries. It's so interesting to see the world through his perspective that was vividly captured in photographs. Although I did not know much about Warhol before the exhibit, I was captivated by his artwork and creations. What left the deepest impression in me was his 'Time Capsules' - Warhol filled over 600 cardboard boxes of his belongings, stored the boxes by chronological order, which he intended to display them all out one day! Just imagine what an obsessive hoarder he was.



You can run away with me any time you want

Shimmery sweater - mom's, sheer maxi skirt - Forever 21

Bag - Mango (borrowed), spiked bracelet - Hong Kong

Dr Martens Pascals boots

Meet Rover!

I can hardly be motivated to dress up with Singapore's climate. Just a sheer dress and thin sweater made me sweat a bucket, which makes me wonder how do people tolerate fur coats?! How?!

Photo courtesy of Desiree