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Dress - ZARA | Mary janes - Dr. Martens Tegan | Bag - mom's (vintage)

I was shopping with a friend when we both picked out the same dress. On the hanger hung a limp, heavy lace frock which did not look overly appealing but had a certain charm that urged me for a second look. I'm not sure what caught our eyes. It had a mandarin collar, drop waist design, and skirt long enough to cover my knees; all these details skewed away from typical lace dresses available in the market. I tried on, loved the way it elongated my torso, and I was sold. 

There are so many possibilities I have in mind for this dress; one of them include white sneakers and a high bun (when my hair grows out). For now, I love styling it in a vintage manner. The leather bucket bag was a gift from my dad to mom during their dating days! Up till now I am still amazed by how well the bag maintains its quality despite its age. It definitely looks and smells old but still looks great. I also had on my trusty leather Mary Janes which added just a right amount of sweetness. It's like the cherry-on-top!

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Photos by Nigel


I Don't Mean Rhinestones, But Diamonds.

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Pants - Once Upon A Shop | Nude leather pumps - ZARA

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I think white trousers might be one of the hardest things to wear because they get dirty so easily. Try slurping a bowl of Laksa (a spicy noodle soup from the Peranakan culture) and you'll know what I mean. Good luck removing that stubborn stain afterwards. Yes, white pants can be very intimidating, but when worn properly, a pair of white trousers can look really stylish! 

Uli's Guide To White Trousers:
  1. Choose the right material - something that does not cling onto your legs to provide a more streamlined fit.
  2. Make sure it fits - buy the right size to avoid unnecessary volume around thighs. Generally, mid to high waist styles are most flattering.
  3. Most importantly, remember to wear the pick the right (nude colour) undergarments. 
p.s/ my favourite seamless undergarment is from Uniqlo! They retail at about $12.90 and are available in basic colours white, nude, black etc.

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Twigs And Full Buds necklace - O'ORO

O'ORO, an online boutique dedicated to bringing women unique accessories, sent me this beautiful diamante necklace which I absolutely adore. I thought, what better way was there to let it take the spotlight by layering it over a monochromatic ensemble? A diamante necklace looks over the top on its own, but a modern outfit breathed new life into the jewelry, giving it a contemporary look. That is something I really enjoy about fashion; the fact that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as an outdated wardrobe if you learn how to look at your clothes in a different perspective.

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My love for leather jackets never dies. It has become such a wardrobe essential for me for its versatility and functionality. Dressabelle surprised me with how thoughtfully an old classic was remade to suit Singapore's environmental conditions. I am sure there were many times when you're about to throw on a jacket but couldn't because it was too hot out there. Well, not a problem anymore, wait till you realize... 

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Jagger Jacket Convertible - Dressabelle

...this jacket has removable sleeves! You can easily convert the jacket into a vest by unzipping the sleeves. The next time you're planning your outfit based on weather, you know what to do. ;-) 


Style feature In NYP Catch Magazine

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Guess what, I am featured on Nanyang Poly's CATCH, their very first magazine publication! I am more than thrilled to see myself on digital print, and extra delighted that Fiona designed such a nice theme for the entire magazine. Everything is very oriental-ish, filled with high contrast bright colours. You can browse their online magazine here. Let me know your thoughts!



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Yay I finally went to see the Art Of Bricks Exhibition at the Art Science Museum! It was worth the $13 considering how interactive and interesting it was, but I did not enjoy it as much as Nigel. While he is an avid fan of Lego bricks, I barely built anything past a flight of stairs. Or a bridge (2 flights of stairs joined). Nevertheless it was pretty interesting to realize that you can build almost anything under the sun with Lego.

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The exhibition is very interactive, get to build your own Lego at towards the end!

The weather has been pretty chilly lately so it was a perfect day to pull out my opaque tights. By the way, these tights has been with me for 5 years. Unlike those cheap ones from Watsons, a little investment goes a long way to avoid holes in your tights. I vaguely remember getting mine from a departmental store. To ensure my skirt stands out, I decided to stick to black from top to toe. I don't have much curves, so a lamp shape silhouette really helped! To emphasize my waist even more, I added a tassel-rope belt and tied it around. Nigel thinks it reminds him of the ones used to tie curtains...a guy's perspective toward fashion is oddly fascinating.

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Artist beret - H&M  | Suede wedges - Payless | Bag (in the style of A.Wang) - Charles & Keith

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Madge Metallic Skirt - Purple Gin

While the tall wedges looked pretty, I was wincing in pain by the time I finished seeing the exhibition. Let's just be honest here, it was pretty silly of me to wear heels for a long day of walking around town.

Alright, that's all for now! Oh and if you like the skirt I'm wearing, remember to check out Purple Gin! The same skirt is available in gold too.

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Photos by Nigel

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Status: Closed

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The last time I remember wearing a Qi Pao was probably for Racial Harmony Day during my primary school days, when kids were encouraged to either wear their own or traditional costume of another race. Those were the good ol' days. My favourite was the Indian Sari; I loved it so much that my best friend at that time gave me 2 sets as a gift, still have it now! I swear I'd keep those forever. I don't know what happened after, but I never made it a point to own a Qi Pao for special occasions. What a shame that I don't even own a costume of my own heritage? I am embarrassed to admit that I too went through a period of teenage rebellious phase when I refused to wear red during CNY visiting because I thought it was 'lame'. What was I thinking? This year, I am going to embrace oriental fashion!

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Small clutch - Toscano

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Nude pumps - ZARA

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The Chinese Qi Pao is a very graceful piece of garment. Did you know: the Qi Pao was originally baggy which was only later made fashionable and fitting by socialites of Shanghai in the 1920s. It was often worn as a party dress! The mandarin collar takes shape of a semicircle that is extremely flattering for a women's neck, hiding vital signs that give a woman's age away. The buttons are knobs made out of intricately knotted strings. This dress preserves some traditional elements but was remade in a more forgiving shape and style appropriate for everyday. The makeup is easy - simply a winged eyeliner (to elongate the eyes) and bright red lipstick for that extra statement. I am wearing Loreal lipstick in Red Passion.

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Oriental buttons high collar dress - Dressabelle

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Photos by JJ

I would love to give one of you this dress for your Chinese New Year visiting this year. To stand a chance to win, simple follow these instructions:

1. Follow me on Twitter.
2. Tweet me @ulimali, tell me what is the most annoying question you get asked during CNY?
E.g. "The most annoying thing I get asked during CNY is my grades/ relationship status/ financial status."
3. Deadline: 24 January 2013, Thursday, 11.59pm (GMT+08:00)

You can tweet me more than once! 
Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Twitter.
Giveaway open to SG residents only. 


Tried And Loved: Garnier


I used to not like Garnier. On my thirteenth birthday, my mother introduced me to the whole 3-steps skincare routine because she noticed I had freckles. It was Garnier's Lightening series (the yellow tubes) that didn't work for me at all. Besides, the moisturizer was probably way too heavy for a teen who had just entered puberty. Putting those impressions behind, I have been trying some of their products again. One after another, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved them!

To help you understand this review in perspective, take note that I have oily, acne prone skin. I have been struggling with acne for years and I am currently taking antibiotics prescribed by doctor. However, I do not have sensitive skin. I'd highly recommend you to check through ingredients that you might be allergic to before purchasing any of the products I am featured.

1. Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer, ~$18.90


I was pretty much sold when I watched Xiaxue's demo for Garnier. (is it me or Garnier keeps renaming their products when they're actually the same thing?) As most BB creams come in oily formulas, I really appreciate that this one is truly oil-free. Give it a try in store and you'll find that it has a velvety semi-matte texture that is very easy to blend. It has most of what BB creams offer - sunscreen, skincare properties and hydration and gives an incredibly natural finish. Unless you have really flawless skin, a concealer will still come in handy to cover circles and blemishes. I usually use Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion prior to BB cream, then finish off powder.

2. 2 In 1 Gentle Makeup Remover, ~$10.90


I used to be a loyal Maybelline makeup remover girl till I found this, which works way better and more affordable; 200ml for your eyes will last a really long time. Removing your makeup can be troublesome at times but this product will make your routine a breeze. Simply shake to mix the two liquids together, pour sufficiently onto a cotton pad and press on your eyes for 30 seconds. Walla, Stubborn waterproof mascara dissolved! I love that the formula is non-oily (you don't even have to rinse afterwards) and does not sting. Nothing is worse than a makeup remover that irritates your eyes.

3. Daily Energising Gel Wash, ~$13.90


Okay...I must admit, I was partially influenced by the mega advertising efforts for this new line called Pure Active Fruit Energy. There's billboards everywhere! For acne prone skin, the cleanser is crucial because sebum/ oil - the mother of bacteria - is the cause of acne. For a long time, I have religiously been using Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne wash. Don't get me wrong, I still love it but I reserve for night time because it can be drying. The Garnier cleanser comes in 200ml bottle (great value), has a liquidly texture that lathers quickly into foam. It smells fantastic, like citrus green tea and the scent actually stays on your face! After washing, I feel that my skin is smooth, pores tightened and does not feel dry. This cleanser also contains salicylic acid, a substance that breaks down dead skin cells and penetrates skin follicles to treat acne.

p.s/ I tried my best to recall accurate prices, please correct me if I am wrong!
p.s.s/ Have you tried anything from Garnier? What products would you recommend for me?

World Savage Antiques



Tucked in a quiet corner on Bussorah Street lies an eccentric little shop filled with treasures from all over the world. This is World Savage, a vintage/ antique shop run by two very passionate owners who personally hunt for collectibles that might also be referred to as trash by most. It's true when they say one man's trash is another's treasure. What you see here is exclusive because photography is usually not allowed in the store. But the owner B was so generous to let me after we chatted and knowing how eager I was to document my experience and share with you.









The Jealous Society - WS's own line of antique, fine jewelry

The joy of visiting places like this is you'll never know what you might find. I'm pretty sure I spent a good hour or so admiring everything my eyes could possibly register. B was fantastic to talk to, I felt like I made a friend. During our casual conversation, she expressed her annoyance towards how terms like 'vintage' and 'antique' are used way too freely such that their true definitions have been diluted. Lost. So what exactly do they mean? Well, using the present as the relative measurement, vintage is anything from the past era; antique is anything older than 100 years; and retro refers to the 60s. But of course, time is not the only criteria to define what's vintage and what's not. Other elements such as a garment's enduring style and tailoring also come into consideration when you appreciate something of age.

There are many things to love about World Savage, I particularly loved their extensive collection of  wedding rings from the Victorian era. I personally would prefer one over a brand new diamond ring. You will also discover unexpected home goods and artifacts that will leave you amazed. Philomel Clothing is a private brand for their vintage (and some reworked) garments made affordable by the owners. Majority of garments were sourced from Japan and it was shocking to realize how small people used to be in the past! A 23 inch waistline was common for a Japanese woman. 


A glass pendant containing a preserved moth






Random succulent plants I found nearby

Top - Sweet Drug | Leather skirt - ZARA | Pascal boots - Dr. Martens
If you love vintage and rare things, I highly recommend paying World Savage a visit this weekend. And when you're there, be sure to ask questions and I promise you you'll learn something new from the owners. They are so passionate, insightful and know every inch of the space they built on their own. Yes, the price point is slightly higher but trust me, go there and you will understand why. It sure feels good to own a piece of history, right?

(pictures taken awhile ago, hence the long hair. do you miss it? i don't.)


World Savage
Address: 70 Bussorah Street |  Tel: 6563 8590