photo IMG_9872-2_zps511c1b98.jpg
Striped shirt, Basic Skirt - c/o Dressabelle | Boyfriend blazer - Cotton On

If those stripes on my shirt were red and yellow, I'd look like the inside of a Macdonalds fries box. Right now I look kinda like Pugsley Addams or maybe the pair of fat twins from Alice In Wonderland. As usual, today is just another day of playing 'dress up like a fictional character' in my mind. Anyone else is like me? 

 photo IMG_9847-2_zpscc70b825.jpg

 photo IMG_9897-2_zpsa3502e03.jpg
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude | NARS Blusher in Dolce Vita

Alright, that aside, I have to say I am really enjoying the sprouting of monochromatic styles even though it's supposedly spring, when the unwritten rule of wearing everything bright is plastered all over magazines. Have you gone into ZARA stores recently? And if you know what I'm talking about - there's this b&w striped collar shirt that has been particularly popular on the blogosphere. And here I am, wearing a somewhat similar shirt paired with basic skater skirt and a blazer. It takes so little effort to rock a monochromatic ensemble!

 photo IMG_9854-2_zps39af0514.jpg

 photo IMG_9859-2_zpsfc685093.jpg

 photo IMG_9926-2_zps6b53fca9.jpg
Perspex clutch - ZARA

Months ago when I came across pictures of models (was it Prada?) and bloggers carrying a transparent clutch, I knew from the very moment that I need to own one too. After an extensive search on the internet, I finally found one that was affordable and available in stores. This little plastic box cost me S$59 and it was the last piece then. Wow, didn't know Singaporean ladies grab gems this fast. (Oh yeah talk about how the MMM x HM candy wrapper clutch sold out in TWO days) This clutch is the most non-functional bag I ever owned, but you cannot deny it's not beautiful! Let's hope I don't break it any time soon. 

Just how cute is the striped pouch within the clutch which goes with my shirt perfectly?!

 photo IMG_9869-2_zps99b8d45c.jpg

 photo IMG_9874-2_zps73fef98d.jpg

 photo IMG_9876-2_zps0dfb2d7c.jpg

 photo IMG_9858-2_zps0f14c194.jpg

 photo IMG_9923-2_zpsbfb81e1b.jpg
Bracelet - Charles & Keith

 photo IMG_9880-2_zps7e042da1.jpg
Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Silver heels

 photo IMG_9856-2_zps315bbb8b.jpg

 photo DSBLBF3-012_zps41be886b.jpg
Photos by JJ

If you would really like to own a perspex clutch, I suggest visiting a lower traffic ZARA store before they get sold out. Trust me, Singaporeans shop like they're preparing for WWIII. And I am one of them.


Lucite Heels

 photo 2013-L2-CK1-60360583-01-2-500_zps5d8150b3.jpg

 photo 2013-L2-CK1-60360583-06-1-500_zps33d1e00b.jpg
Lucite heels by Charles & Keith (Image courtesy of Charles & Keith)

My love for transparent things goes beyond those acrylic Muji storage boxes. The craze might have been on for awhile now but somehow, I still find myself subconsciously looking out for them. Transparent things amaze me. Ice, glass, windows etc... Somehow, transparent things arose the curiosity in me to want to see if there is anything 'hidden' or 'frozen' within. (does that remind you of those stripper shoes?) You get what I mean right?

I am so happy that Charles & Keith finally took the cue from the lucite heels craze to make something similar! I also love that they remade the famous JC Soiree heels into a sleeker, sexier version. For Charles & Keith to finally adopt a minimalistic style, I think they deserve an applause. At least from me! Before I forget to mention: The Charles & Keith ones cost only S$53.90, which is one third of the original. I'd say that's an excellent alternative.

Since we are on the topic of clear heels, revisit some of my archives featuring my Soiree Silver heels by Jeffrey Campbell:
 photo IMG_6554-2copy_zpsbf519874.jpg
Great Waves
Do you think the lucite heels trend is here to stay? Do you think lucite heels are overrated? Let me know your views!


Plaid & Maxi

 photo IMG_0182-2_zps8a1d44ed.jpg
Maxi dress - ASOS | Plaid shirt - Dressabelle

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you might have noticed that I've been on a maxi dress craze lately. I have always loved maxi dresses because they are effortless, comfortable, modest, universally flattering on all so why not? This one I'm wearing today looks plain but do not underestimate it. If you look closely, you'd notice the bottom quarter is made up of a separate piece of fabric, resulting in a very designer-esque look. The material is clingy overall but it surprised me with a flare bottom, which makes it almost mermaid like! Since I'm going for a slightly grunge look today, the plaid shirt layered nicely and my boots kept me dry from rain water.

 photo IMG_0197-2_zps00feb7d2.jpg

 photo IMG_0203-2_zpsbaa512a6.jpg
Geometry of Square Necklace, Lilou Loop Necklace (worn together layered) - c/o O'ORO

I can bipolar when it comes to accessorizing; on some days it's dainty charm necklaces, on others you'll see me in chunky gems and chains. I'm rarely seen in-between or with none at all, I need my watch at least. Lately, I have been enjoying layering long necklaces together. While big, statement necklaces are great with collars, I personally find plain necklines look best with long v-shape necklaces. Simply cause those are more casual for everyday and elongate your neck at the same time! I really recommend the ones I'm wearing to anyone who wear necklaces but prefer minimalistic styles.

 photo IMG_0200-2_zps88ac748d.jpg
Pascal boots - Dr. Martens

 photo IMG_0217-2_zps8a943a39.jpg

 photo IMG_0207-2_zps13bdbb2d.jpg
Bag - Charles & Keith | Friesian Wrist Wrap - gifted by O'ORO | Watch - Casio

 photo IMG_0220-2_zpsd8dfb46e.jpg

 photo IMG_0198-2_zps7fea45eb.jpg

Thank you for reading! I hope this blog post will inspire you to rediscover your jewelry collection. Also, I hope to assure you that a maxi dress always makes you look leaner! Easy way to cheat height without heels. :-)


Wishlist: March

You all know just how much I love shopping as ASOS. Regardless of promotions, there is always a reason to browse a page or two...which usually turns into a hundred. Anyway, here are some things that are within my radar!

 photo image1xxl1_zpsf91dca9b.jpg  photo image1xxl_zps2fea7fcd.jpg
1. Vintage Wash Dungaree
2. Plain Dungarees
Overalls (some call them Dungarees) may not be everyone's cup of tea but personally, I find them practical and comfortable. I especially love pairing them with cute collared shirts beneath and sneakers. Funny how it has become a trend. Last year in Bangkok, I repeated my overalls almost every day and only had to change into a different shirt everyday!

 photo image1xxl2_zpsf69ec133.jpg  photo image1xxl3_zpsab5503c7.jpg
3. Bathing Beauties Make Up Bag
Sometimes when I pack my hand bag, I cannot believe the amount of junk I find inside. Salonpas, hand cream, lip balm, receipts...you name it. It's time I get this adorable makeup bag to store everything neatly. Does the pouch remind you of those vintage Coca Cola ads?

4. Floral Maxi Dress
I recently saw a bohemian style maxi dress in ZARA that was way too expensive. That made me search for some alternatives in ASOS and this is my ideal!

 photo image3xxl_zpsdec8affd.jpg  photo image2xxl_zps3a6bb893.jpg
5. Book Clutch
It's a book...it's a clutch...it's a book clutch! I.need.this.now.

6. Swirl Through Earrings
You know you're lazy when you avoid stud earrings because you don't know where the stopper is. I just love how swirly and stylish these broken hooks are.

Where To Buy:


 photo IMG_8104-2_zpsc9403a92.jpg
Embellished skirt - c/o Dressabelle | Studded pumps - Charles & Keith

 photo IMG_8100-2_zps80d0cffe.jpg

 photo IMG_8131-2_zps0d0b6a6b.jpg
Leather jacket - $12, Taiwan | Collared blouse - Oh So Fickle | Crochet necklace - Diva

 photo IMG_8141-3_zps21789cbc.jpg

 photo IMG_8105-2_zps578ae712.jpg

 photo IMG_8133-3_zps0144f910.jpg
Friesian Wrist Wrap - gifted by O'ORO

 photo IMG_8150-2_zpsfaab992f.jpg

 photo IMG_8154-2_zpsbe285f8c.jpg

 photo IMG_8130-2_zps15186ea4.jpg
Photos by JJ

I'm not gonna lie about the leather jacket as something practical to wear in the day, cause the truth is, I was drenched in my own sweat while shooting in mid-afternoon. But very soon I will have the opportunity to wear all my favourite coats because I am flying to Shanghai next month! I am going to take full advantage of the weather before spring arrives. As a fashion blogger, I am excited to explore fall fashion options as well as getting to shoot in another environment. This might sound strange to my international readers but here in my sunny island, layering is seen as a rare luxury. Of course, I will bring my camera along to take you with me! Anyway, that's not the point of today's post. I want y'all to take a moment and see just how beautiful this skirt is. I mean, gosh! The details, embellishments, the symmetry...everything! Definitely one of my favourite items from Dressabelle. Is it just me, or do I see the face of an owl...? :O


The Hobbit Map Dress

 photo IMG_0165-2_zps88788d63.jpg

It's been awhile since I last checked out of my favourite underground fashion brand, BlackMilk, but the recent free shipping promotion proved to be irresistible. *sigh* Burnt a hole in my pocket but not guilty. Most of the stuff there may be over outrageous in a daytime setting but honestly, these are the most comfortable tight things I've ever worn. They literally feel like a swimsuit and are super breathable, perfect for the humid setting in Singapore or layering, if you would like.

 photo IMG_0090-2_zps7df27542.jpg
The Hobbit Map Dress - BlackMilk | Fringe blouse - City Plaza

 photo IMG_0155-2_zpsf0fcfdc3.jpg

 photo IMG_0131-2_zpsde542d1c.jpg

Do you like my $10 blouse from City Plaza? When people ask me, "where do you usually shop for all these nice things?", I find it difficult to answer because the nicest things often come unexpected. Life is an unexpected journey (Hobbit map dress, geddit?) and you just have to keep your senses alert.

 photo IMG_0139-2_zps38258429.jpg

 photo IMG_0091-2_zps6156247b.jpg
Belt - Uniqlo | Creeper boots - Underground
 photo IMG_0145-2_zps9d3e337c.jpg

 photo IMG_0166-2_zps469ec033.jpg
Necklace - c/o O'ORO | Rimmel Kate Matte lipstick in 107

I am pretty inspired by tribal/ boho fashion and eccentric things lately, and this dress in particular seemed to go perfectly with the fringe blouse. I really like fringe because they have a lot of movement and always photograph beautifully. The dark red lipstick might have been an overkill but oh well...

*Read my full review on Rimmel Kate Matte lipsticks here!

 photo IMG_0136-2_zpsf849fbba.jpg

 photo IMG_0172-2_zps27e26f41.jpg
Photos by Nigel

p.s. Don't y'all agree with me that Nigel's photography skills are getting better? :)
p.s.s. That's a temporary (Chanel) tattoo (on my neck because it looks badass), by the way.

 photo IMG_0175-2_zpsd7ec224f.jpg

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