Apartment Gaga

Just one week ago, I completed my interior design module over a time span of half a semester. Never looked back! In case you're wondering what I'm doing as a business student, my polytechnic allows us to take up certain modules that's completely irrelevant to my course of study.

I have always loved designing, drawing and customizing so the module was for me. Interior design is like playing Sims 3 on a whole new level - you get to customize every single inch of your apartment and furniture to the way you want it.

The final assessment of the module was to design an apartment for Lady Gaga. Here's what I came up with!

A very fake looking 2-D Gaga in her living room waving Hi.

I assumed Lady Gaga is not a good cook....so that explains all that booze!

"She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on in the glass of her boudoir." 
*so proud of my work*

I'm nowhere close to pro la okay. So fascinated with how advanced computers are right now. You don't have to be a designer to create a model of your room with Google Sketch Up. All the furniture (and Lady Gaga figure) are pre-made and readily available for download!

Meanwhile, I'm finally getting my name card ready...printing it tomorrow! 


Lana Fab 2

Naming this outfit entry 'Lana Fab 2' cause I am wearing this shoe out in public for the second time. I bleed creativity.

On a random note; dog lovers, did you know Lana Fab comes in doggie prints now?! Adorable!

JC Lana Fab in Dog Tapestry (image source: http://www.karmaloop.com)

Wearing a leather jacket and velvet in Singapore's weather is no joke. Besides sweating a bucket and having my hair stuck to my perspiring neck, I had to make sure I don't step on small pebbles that'll cause me death...

And then it rained! Despite the sudden weather transition, the photos somehow turned out satisfactory.

Accessories: Round shades - FEP, rosary (worn as necklace) - mom, silver bangle - FEP

Leather jacket - Cotton On, Velvet dress - Topshop, platforms - Jeffrey Campbell

M.A.C Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga

Ending off with a spastic picture of me. For those who thinks I'm cold and unfriendly, I'm not okay!

How I look like when I laugh at my own jokes.

And of course, special thanks to my gorgeous, crazy, bubbly photographer! Takes great shots rain or shine.

Mandy and I


Krystof Smidl

Yesterday I had the chance to be around to shoot with Krystof from Carrie Models. The location was at Sentosa cause the model and photographer wanted the 'raw' theme. I guess we take our sunny island for granted. While Singaporeans always complain non-stop whether it's rain or shine, Krystof told me he came to Singapore to build his portfolio because he thinks Singapore is great for pictures!

Peeking at his portfolio... (what a makeup artist gets to do during idle time)

Why so handsome?!

Will you believe if I told you he's only eighteen and still studying? Yet he already has done countless photo shoots with other established models. In the picture above, Krystof is in a Prada suit (his first paying job BTW). He told me that he was warned to not fall with the suit on or else he would have to pay.

Our model with very short assistants

"It's a wrap!"

The result?

See more at www.ulichan.tumblr.com/!

p.s/ I know prom night is ongoing for most of the secondary school graduates. If you are interested, or know anyone who is interested to get makeup done by me, please contact me at ulichanxy@gmail.com. :)


Men and makeup?

Video: Behind the scenes at the Men's Fashion Shows, grooming tips for the modern man, an interview with Pat McGrath.
"Obviously we've had the whole metrosexual thing which is a very big thing, but now it's everybody. Every man is like that; they're all obsessed with their clothes, the way that they look."

I was researching and getting inspiration for today's shoot when I came across this video. Yes I'm working on a male model again if you're wondering! Can't wait to share!

In the video you'll see big, grown men (Francisco Lachowski is one of them) with their hair clipped in place and skin prepped to perfection. Pretty interesting in my opinion. Have you ever wondered if guys wore makeup? Yes, a lot of them do! Mostly for events, runway shows. Did you know even presidents wear makeup during important events or when they have to appear on TV? If you see a significantly lighter ring under the eyes then you know that's a bad makeup job.


In A Girl's Room

{ Stash of current most-worn items that I refuse to throw into the laundry }
{ Never wish to leave this bed }

{ E-learning week - meeting the class on Elluminate }

{ Favourite bracelets at the moment } 

{ Meeting essentials }

{ New in :) }

{ All planned out - a peek of what I do other than....blogging. Yep. }

I realize my problem isn't what they've done, but instead that they have the ability to do so. I am extremely controlling when it comes to my emotions and my relationships. Everything is a choice, every statement is an option, and every action has a reaction- all of which I analyze before making any form of assertion. Any words I say are true, any emotion I express is real, and anyone I spend time with I care about. I put extreme effort into each and every relationship I have, so I am extremely offended when the same care is not given back to me. It's a sign of true nonchalance, a display of indifference so belittling because I wasn't even worth a moment to consider how it could hurt.

Good enough

I've completely lost myself, and I don't mind,
I can't breathe but I feel good enough.


This is going to sound really unprofessional. I am at a point in my life where I really feel like I have nothing to work for. One of those nights when I feel like falling into sleep and never waking up again. One of those moments when I feel all that I am doesn't mean a thing. If I could drop everything in life and start all over, will I do it better? Will I disappoint less? When will I stop screwing things up and be a better person?

Enjoy this live performance by Amy Lee. Good enough - all time favourite by Evanascence.


Hello new header!

For months I have left my header empty because I simply didn't know what was there to display. How uninspiring. I don't like changes. But now that I'm picking up a Photoshop, I came up with this... Still a noob though. Hope you like!

Photography by Holly Macaroni.


Cat Tapestry

Tapestry |ˈtapistrē|
noun ( pl. -tries)
a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or furniture covering.

Well, for my case, it's on my shoes!

For the first time I wore my JCs out in public. Those insane platforms made me 1.8m tall instantly and attracted so much attention. It was drizzling but I didn't care. The shoes is a dream to walk in once you get used to it, though a little care is needed on uneven ground. 

It's a love-hate relationship for me. They're perfect and worth every single cent I paid for, however a little out of my comfort zone. Can't emphasize enough how they look so much bigger in reality! I get very uncomfortable and paranoid when people start staring, but I can't blame them cause it's sort of like asked for with JC shoes.

Top - Victoria Jomo (as seen here), skirt - City plaza, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lana Fab in Cat Tapestry, hat - Daiso

Eyes - Urban Decay's 15th anniversary palette.

Using Urban Decay shadows for the first time! Makes me want to toss all my other cheap eyeshadows because the pigmentation is so freaking good! So blendable and vibrant, I'm pretty sure it's good on its own without any eyeshadow base.

Lips - MAC lipstick in Creme De Nude (Cremesheen), a very sheer nude colour that allows your natural lip colour to show through. I won't recommend this for people with dark lips!

Kaylin's heels - Charles&keith


My makeup portfolio

Finally, I present to all of you my portfolio...

I have been doing all sorts of makeup work since four years ago or so. Never had a proper collection of stuff arranged in chronological order, but luckily I never failed to take a picture or two. So here's my advice to all aspiring artists out there: ALWAYS keep a record of your work and stay honest. Your work is precious. Trust me, you'll see how you progress.

I am so proud to show the world my portfolio. I don't care if anybody is going to book me for service, Every single picture came from a little inspiration, continuous self-motivation and tons of hard work. Not just from me, but the models, the photographers. Yes, especially the photographer. Special thanks to Stuart. The photographer is the one carrying the heaviest equipments, tolerating extreme weathers just to catch a perfect shot, and the one staying up all night just to edit the photos.

I'm sick of doing work for free. Artists are not cheap labour, or worse, free. Artists don't owe you a single thing. In fact, you should be grateful for everything beautiful in this world all for God and the existence of talented creators. Just like any other person, artists need to work hard for a living. Just like any other, they've got bills to pay.


High Tea

The Peranakan Museum is tucked along Armenian street, right beside Substation, a 5 minutes walk from Bras Basah Station. The stand alone block features 10 galleries, 9 of which made permanent. The special gallery features Peranakan fashion - the Sarong Kebaya. 

I think it's a pretty interesting museum to visit. It's unlike those museums that bombard you with history and names, those I remember visiting as a primary school student. The exhibits display everything from lifestyle to food and fashion. Some are interactive, like picking up a telephone to hear what Babas used to gossip about. Admission is free for all Singaporean students and teachers!

Outfit of the day 

Wearing suede shoes has to be the worst decision on a rainy day :(

Velvet dress - Topshop
I recently splurged on a Topshop dress. I rarely buy anything from Topshop, it's too expensive to me. But THIS. I fell in love the moment on saw it, even more when I tried on and the velvet weighs itself down perfectly on my body. It matches easily and feels super comfortable.

The same dress to wear for school :)

Suede Heels - New Look

Bag - Perllini, stockings - Hong Kong

High tea @ Tea Cosy, Plaza Singapura 

What's with the recent hype over high tea? So answer my own curiosity, I decided to give it a try today! Also, it's meant to be a surprise for Nigel's birthday treat. I rarely choose dining places (because I don't love food) so Nigel was elated when I brought him here.

Before he knew I was bringing him for high tea:

Me: "We're going for something yummy now, so let's have cheap dinner okay?"
Nigel: "Whaaatt?? I thought we're eating good food? Then what we eat for dinner?!"

Shows how much he doesn't trust me when it comes to food. He probably expected me to bring him to Macdonalds or something. SIGH.

Super alluring cupcakes (that we didn't try)

Everywhere was filled with angels, vintage furniture and artsy decor! Some paper crafts are for sale at the counter. The ambience is really cozy. I'm the type of person who hates loud background music and tight dining spaces. But Tea Cosy is thoughtfully planned out in every way - music soft enough to encourage conversation, tables placed far enough to not overhear someone else. Also (very important), temperature was just right and the cafe is adequately lit. Very comfy!

We went for the High Tea set for 2 - $29.95+ that includes:
1 seafood set
1 non-seafood set
2 scones
3 miniature cakes
2 beverages (English breakfast tea)

My thoughts:
The food is delicious. Really. Nothing is too sweet or salty. The scones were served with butter, cream cheese and blueberry jam. The miniature cakes taste rich with just about the right amount of sweetness. Everything is presented nicely, with the tea served with sugar cubes and separate tea pots. Felt like a scene in Alice in Wonderland!

My only complain would be the serving. Don't go there expecting your stomach to be filled. It will not. Every item stated on the menu is literally bite-sized, gone in a second or two. So do have a nice meal before you go for high tea! However for the ambience, service and taste, I think paying thirty dollars for two is overall worthwhile. I'd definitely go back again.

Smoke salmon on bread